Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buys of the Week 8/26-9-1


Cereal $1.39 (mix or match) TMS
Aquafina Water 24 pk $2.99 (m or m) TMS
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $.88 (m or m)
Tropicana OJ in carton 1.99 (m or m)
Grapes $.67 SUPER DEAL!
Super Lean Ground Beef $1.57 # (sold in chub--I'm not a fan of chubs but that's cheap!) TMS

Fresh and Easy

Eggs. $1.25


Cereals Buy 5 save $5 (Corn flakes, Cheeri0s, Honey Bunches etc.)
They end up being $1, or $1.50, or $2.00 TMS


MILK $.88 1/2 gallons (Cheapest of all stores)

Buys of the Week

I've decided to list my "buys of the week". These are things I will most likely be purchasing each week from the ads. I only list things that my family eats, so I know there are other deals out there, we just don't eat those items. My friends had told me that they don't know what is a good buy. I was raised watching the ads for sales so I have a pretty good idea of what's a good deal. Oh, and I don't coupon, so that doesn't matter to me.

Many of the buys are just what we are eating, that is not involved with our Three Month Supply. But, if it is part of our Three Month Supply I will put a TMS at the end of it.

Hope this helps.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rosted Tomato Penne with Asparagus


This is actually my friend Sarah's recipe. She served it at bunko years ago and we all had to get the recipe. It's not hard, but it is somewhat time consuming. But super de-lish. I scanned in the recipe so at the bottom the parsley and olive oil is 1/4. It was kind of blurry when I pulled it up on my screen.

Before Roasting

After Roasting

Olive Oil, Parsley, Butter and Basil